Paul Verity
Paul  started his career journey at the age of 16, after leaving school where he had shown particular ability in the arts. He gained a place at Bradford College of Art and Design in West Yorkshire, England where he broadened his knowledge in styles of artistic painting and drawing; photography; textiles and fashion and interior design. For the next two decades, he concentrated on Architectural Projects in both UK and Germany working on old buildings in Haworth, home to the famous Bronte sisters and York, West Yorkshire, and other National Heritage sites traditional to the area. In the München Culture centre, GASTEIG , working on interiors and the brick work specifically relating to the acoustics in the Philharmoniker Hall. Also, the modernisation of the Deutsches Museum, a listed building. Along with these larger projects he has worked on the construction of private properties and international companies.
Latterly, in the last ten years, alongside the architectural work, Paul also moved back into interior design which he still continues to do. He has shown imagination, determination and ability in managing a successful business through some international and national difficult financial times over those years. Paul’s ancestry dates back over a thousand years to 1066 and the Norman conquest with the DE LA FERTE family, a feudal barony in Normandy, France who appear in historical papers of the period which also showed their coat of arms Paul is a keen collector of 16th and 17th-century interiors which includes: Tudor, Stuart, and the House of Orange antiques.
His determination and the ability to persevere also showed themselves through Paul’s interest in sports and athletics which eventually led him to have elite marathon status in the UK and Europe.