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Ivana Chelik

Production Manager and Lead Patternmaking, Styling, and Design.

Ivana was born in Serbia in 1980 and moved as a child with her family to Munich. After successfully finishing her studies at the Deutschen Meisterschule für Mode (German Master School of Fashion) she gained the title of Meisterin in Damen- und Herrenschneiderhandwerk (Master in women's and men`s tailoring). The following years were mostly dedicated to gathering more experience in different projects and internships, including working at Escada and collaborating on important social projects for women`s empowerment, where she taught young women the profession of dressmaking to help them get a second chance in life. At the same time, she had dreams of her own in fashion, which she then realized alongside two other friends in the fashion industry; the trio founded a private fashion label in 2000. Each one of them brought know-how and personal experience to the table and the brand grew very soon to be renowned nationwide. Ivana was responsible for the whole sampling and production, taking over all the processes from design assistance to patternmaking (still done by hand at that time) quality control, and logistic solutions for at least 60 styles per season. She also led the digitalizing of the complete pattern archive for the label after the technology was at hand and was responsible for outsourcing and finding new producers as the brand´s styles portfolio grew. She was a regular visitor to international fairs and fashion weeks. In 2016 she left the brand to start as a freelance pattern maker and quality control manager for different brands as well as a costume designer for movie and TV productions. At Twill Mill she holds the position of Production Manager responsible for the whole production process from design to logistics and delivery to clients. Ivana lives with her family in Munich.

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