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Domazalski & Gazaryan Ltd. is a jewellery brand founded in 2007 initially known as FeliciMomenti Haute Couture Jewellery. Originally only unique pieces, the to-order collections today now embrace a Men’s Line, Women’s Line, and very selective Homeware. Domzalski & Gazaryan Ltd also create and produce very successful jewellery collections for international fashion and life-style labels. From day one, the design has been eclectic and strong, seasoned with hard-rock and sensual Oriental influences. The first collections upscaled antique oriental fragments pairing them with wood, leather, plastic, glass, silver, bronze, semi-precious stones, diamonds, and even feathers. Colourful and in-your-face statements they could be bought at private sales/gallery exhibitions, online and specially chosen concept stores. Today, a high-end, unique core collection is still produced annually but is now accompanied by the main, to-order collections based mainly on silver, bronze, and semi-precious stones. These strong collections with their very distinct style can be ordered at trade fairs, online, (Instagram) bought at chosen international concept stores, and ordered directly from the Domzalski & Gazaryan showrooms in London and Munich. Domzalski & Gazaryan Ltd. Jewellery, is based in London. All products are designed and produced in London and Istanbul.

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