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Twill Mill is a Munich based company specializing in fashion design, denim & jersey production, consulting, and luxury jewelry. We have a deep understanding of the dynamic cultural landscape, combined with an intuition that anticipates industry innovation.


Our approach makes brands emotionally distinctive, sets them apart from their competitors, and drives sustainable growth. We collaborate with our clients to re-imagine possibilities for their brand, and then develop design solutions rooted in strategy.


Good product design is meaningful, aesthetically pleasing, producible, and sustainable. Based on our clients requests we develop a collection that can be appropriately produced and generate revenue. Every member of our team has long years of experience in their fields to provide the most efficient development process.


Our partners are speciali-zing in a wide range of textile products from basic underwear, jerseys, denim, non-denim to luxurious cashmere. 

Organization’s Quality Assurance department is very sincere and strict in maintaining good quality standards during the production and before the final release of the Garments.

Our Core Potential

In difficult times of economic challenges and uncertainties, new strategies and fast-acting to market needs is a must.

We have made it our business to offer this and more. Our manufacturing partners for Denim, Non-Denim, and Jersey are sustainable producers of the highest level, who can cater speedily to their client’s needs for large or small orders. Their factories are located in the European Zone which brings their clients obvious environmental and logistic advantages (smaller CO2 accounts, less delivery time).

We support clients with our expert service in Design, Product Development, Art, Creative Direction, Marketing, and Branding. Our international team of Native Speakers (German, English, Serbian, Turkish, Georgian, Russian, Armenian) facilitates and guarantees a high- level flow of client/producer communication, round-the-clock service, and reliable and efficient handling from a product’s design phase, through to its final destination.
Our skilled production employees have been trained to the highest level so that we can distinguish ourselves in our ability to respond rapidly to changing market dictates in all our services. We are committed to efficiently supporting a designer’s needs in the choice of fabrics, cut, and sewing technology without letting the “Target Price” out of our sight.

We are YOUR partner for client-tailored speedy production in the changing textile industry of today.

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